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Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test

Reasonable suspicion testing is conducted when supervisors or another employee report observable behaviors, signs, or symptoms that suggest there is a legitimate reason to suspect an employee is under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. 

It is extremely important to have clear, consistent definitions of what behavior justifies drug and alcohol testing and any suspicion should be corroborated by another supervisor or manager. 

Since this type of testing is at the discretion of management, it requires careful, comprehensive supervisor training. In addition, it is advised that employees who are suspected of drug use or a policy violation not return to work while awaiting the results of reasonable suspicion testing.

Federal regulated employers should follow their given administrative specifications and steps to conduct a reasonable suspicion testing.

Workers with drug problems were 2.7 times more likely than workers without drug problems to have injuries. 70% of the estimated 14.8 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed.

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 Signs and Symptoms that Many Lead to a Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test.

  • Temporary Blackouts, Memory Loss.
  • Disorientation or Confusion.
  • Recurrent Arguments or fights.
  • Irritability, Depression, or Mood Swings.
  • Smell of Alcohol on Breath or Body.
  • Problems with Coordination, Slurred Speech, or Tremor.
  • Erratic Walking or Standing, Vomiting.
  • Inability or Difficulty Completing Routine Tasks.
  • Excessive Sweating, Shakiness or Trembling.
  • Erratic or Unusual Behavior.

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